Franz Vitzthum: Himmels-lieder: Sacred Songs & Can

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Catalog: CHR77354
Format: CD

Franz Vitzthum, countertenor; Capricornus Consort Basel

Johann Augustin Kobelius (1674-1731): Ich fürchte keinen Tod auf Erden (Cantata) - Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714): Unser Leben ist mit vieler Not umgeben: Kommt ihr Stunden - Johann Hildebrand (1614-1684): Der V. Krieges-Angst-Seufftzer: Ach Gott!; Der VI. Krieges-Angst-Seufftzer: Ach höchster Gott - Georg Böhm (1661- 1733): Mein Herz tichtet ein feines Lied - Johann Wolfgang Franck (1644- c 1710): Laß, O Herr, dein Ohr sich neigen - Johann Krieger (1652-1735): Gedancken eines Sterbenden: Hier lieg ich in der Noth - Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621): Engelsche Fortuyn / Von der Fortuna werd' ich getrieben - Johann Schop (c 1590-1667): Lachrimae Pavan - William Young (c 1610-1662): Aria - Gasparo Casati (c 1610-1641): Pater noster - Antonio Bertali (1605-1669): Sonata a 5

The voice of the countertenor Franz Vitzthum fascinates with its lightness and clarity: its almost "celestial" quality appears completely free of all ballast. How appropriate therefore is the programme of this new CD: the yearning for eternal life in which the troubles of mortal existence have been thrown off was a central theme of the German Baroque period.
Franz Vitzthum has selected cantatas and songs by a series of composers including Erlebach, Hildebrand, Böhm and Krieger whose compositions have for the most part been recorded on CD for the first time. The highlight rounding off this programme is the cantata "Ich fürchte keinen Tod auf Erden" [I do not fear death on earth] by Johann Augustin Kobelius (1674-1731) which is the only work by this composer to have been preserved. Kobelius was a fellow competitor of the young Johann Sebastian Bach for an organ post in the St. Jacob's church in Sangerhausen - and here Bach lost out on the only occasion throughout his entire career! The fact that Kobelius must have deserved the post is borne out by the quality of his cantata which is presented to the public for the first time as a small sensation.

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