Tania Maria: Tempo

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Label: NAIVE
Catalog: NJ621711
Format: CD


# 1 Estate - 4:58 # 2 Sentado a Beira Do Caminho - 4:55 # 3 A Chuva Caiu - 5:28 # 4 Yeah Man - 5:47 # 5 Senso Unico - 7:25 # 6 Dear Dee Vee - 5:55 # 7 Bronzes E Cristais - 5:38 # 8 Tempo - 8:26

Tempo is the meeting of a renowned Brazilian pianist and singer Tania Maria and a legendary bass player. Renowned as one of the most famous Brazilian pianists and singers since the 70's, Tania Maria has based her art in playing Brazilian tunes with a very tasty blend of jazz. Her meeting with Eddie Gomez, one of the best jazz bass players ever - he spent a long time in the great Bill Evans trio and others - is an amazing mix between Brazil & jazz. Tania Maria is scatting with brio and playing her melodious piano part while Eddie Gomez is playing wonderful harmonic bass and is improvising when she's soloing on piano on such beautiful melodies as Estate or A Chuva Caiu. This new record is a new step in the Brazil / Jazz area and the successful meeting of two legends of American Modern Music.

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