Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated

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Label: Piano Classics
Catalog: PCL0019
Format: CD

Ursula Oppens, piano

Frederick Rzewski (b. 1938)

Frederic Rzewski (born in 1938) is a prominent composer of the American avantgarde (His teachers being Milton Babbitt, Walter Piston) whose works have a strong socio- istorical background, inspired by his deep political conscience. One of his best known works is the colossal set of piano variations on a Chilean protest song by Sergio Ortega: The People United will Never be Defeated. This fascinating set of 36 variations explores new pianistic features, new sonorities, use of extreme registers and improvisational elements (whistling of the performer, slamming the piano lid...) which present a huge challenge to the pianist. This recording is a Classic, as pianist Ursula Oppens is the dedicatee of this work, and the ideal interpreter, given her specialisation in 20th Century piano music.

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