Johannes Ciconia: Opera Omnia (complete Works)

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC316
Format: CD

La Morra, directed by Michal Gondko & Diabolus in Musica, directed by Antoine Guerber

Johannes Ciconia
Motets: O felix templum jubila / O Padua, sidus preclarum / Venice, mundi splendor / O virum omnimoda / Albane, Misse celitus / Doctorum principem / Petrum Marcello venetum / Ut per te omnes / Beatum incendium / O Petre, christi discipule
Italian secular works: Caçando un giorno / I cani sono fuora / Una Panthera in compania di Marte / Con lagreme bagnandome / Dolce fortuna / La Fiamma del to amor / Chi nel servir antico / Ligiadra Donna / O Rosa bella / Mercé, o morte / Gli atti col dançar
French secular works: Aller m'en veus / Sus une fontayne
Canons: Quod jactatur / Le Ray au soleil
Settings of the Ordinary of the Mass

Active in Venice and Padua at the beginning of the 15th century, Johannes Ciconia was undoubtedly the most important composer of this transitional period. Born in Liège and trained in the principles of the French and Italian Ars Nova, he played a considerable role in the musical development that led little by little towards the Renaissance. His works are in all the forms current for the period: French chansons, Italian ballades and madrigals and Latin motets for particular occasions as well as individual movements from the Mass that proclaim the arrival of the form's golden age in the 15th century. This recording of his complete works has been entrusted to two remarkable ensembles that are no strangers to Outhere's catalogue: La Morra for the secular music and Diabolus In Musica for the sacred works and the motets for particular occasions.

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