Paul Hindemith: Complete Brass Works

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Label: SMT
Catalog: 115
Format: CD

Summit Brass: Theodor Lichtmann, Raymond Mase, Lawrence Strieby, Gail Williams, Mark H. Lawrence, Gene Pokorny, Arthur David Kriebel, Thomas Bacon, Ralph Sauer, Joseph Alessi, Anthony Plog, David Hickman, Allan Dean, Patrice Lockhart Jenks, Mary Walter, Arthur David Krehbiel

Hindemith: Konzertmusik for piano, 10 brass instruments, and 2 harps, Op.49, Morgenmusik, for brass ensemble (from 'Plöner Musiktag'), Horn Sonata 1939, Trumpet Sonata, Trombone Sonata, Horn Sonata (1943, also for saxophone, Sonata for 4 Horns, Tuba Sonata (1955)

A 2-CD set, and very rare!
Hindemith was among the most significant German composers of his time. His early works are in a late romantic idiom, and he later produced expressionist works, rather in the style of early Arnold Schoenberg, before developing a leaner, contrapuntally complex style in the 1920s. This style has been described as neoclassical, but is very different from the works by Igor Stravinsky labeled with that term, owing more to the contrapuntal language of Bach than the Classical clarity of Mozart. This double CD set features all of Hindemith's music for brass instruments, including the famous Sonata for Trumpet, all the way to the rare Sonata for Four Horns. A unique set, and almost extinct.

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