Firenze 1616 - Belli, Caccini, Malvezzi, Saracini

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Label: ALPHA
Catalog: ALPHA120
Format: CD

Le Poème Harmonique; Vincent Dumestre

Sospiri d'amanti: Io moro (Claudio Saracini); Tutto 'l di piango (Giulio Caccini); Non ha'l ciel (Guilio Caccini); Il Rapimento di Cafalo di Gulio Caccini: Sinfonia quarta (Cristofano Malvezzi); Innefabile ardor; Muove si dolce; Caduca fiamma; L'Orfeo Dolente di Domenico Belli: Primo intermedio - Orfeo e Plutone; Secundo Intermdio - Orfeo, Calliope, Plutone; Terzio Intermedio: Orfeo, Calliope, pastore & Choro; Quarto Intermedio: Le tre Grazie, Orfeo & Choro; Quinto Intermedio: Le tre Grazie, Orfeo, Choro di tutti gli interlocutori

"For those who love the seconda prattica, this is an absolute treat!" One single ideal inspired the toils of learned Florentine societies at the end of the 16th century: to discover the essence and the ways of Greek tragedy, seen as the universal symbol of the lost harmony between words and music. Orpheus, both poet and musician, son of a God and a mortal, incarnates this union between two languages with the explicit aim of lending a hand to the triumph of the "affect". This record delves into the ideology and the aesthetics of the early baroque to reveal a subtle and brotherly alliance between intellect and feeling. As befits a true manifest, this recording presents all the expressive possibilities of a rich instrumental accompaniment, in order to better serve the theatrical scene. As a fitting prelude to Domenico Belli's 'Orfeo Dolente', created in 1616, Vincent Dumestre chose various airs of Florentine masters of the Seconda Prattica (Caccini, Saraccini...)